The Cup, directed by Simon Wincer (Phar Lap, The Lighthorsemen, Free Willy, Young Indiana Jones), is set for release in October 2011. To recreate believable local and exotic locations, massive crowds, historical moments, and a spectacular horse fall, the film required absolute photo-realistic visual effects and animation that was indistinguishable from the live action cinematography.

In the end, if the audience is unaware of the visual effects, then the job was well done.

Place your cursor over the images to see "before and after" views.

DUBAI STABLES - DIGITAL MATTE SHOT: Country Victoria, Australia was used as a stand-in location for Dubai. Computer generated date palms and sand were created to react to the turbulence of a landing helicopter. An ornate horseshoe archway and hazy Dubai skyline filled with mosques and high rise architecture completed the shot.

MELBOURNE CUP - DIGITAL MATTE SHOT: A digital matte shot to recreate a full capacity crowd at the 2002 Melbourne Cup. This matte was extremely wide to accommodate the near 180-degree camera pan.

HORSE FALL - VFX & ANIMATION: A stunt jockey, prop horse, and a digitally animated horse were used to recreate the tragic horsefall of Jason Oliver.

IRISH STABLES - ROOF REPLACEMENT: The corrugated iron roofs of an Australian horse stable was digitally replaced with slate roofs to take the audience to Ireland.

CARGO PLANE CONVERSION: A Qantas 747 jumbo jet received a digital makeover to become a cargo plane.

HORSES AND BILLBOARDS REPLACEMENT: A shot of an actual Melbourne Cup event was used as the background plate. The horses, billboards, and advertising signs were replaced to depict the accurate time period of the 2002 Melbourne Cup.

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